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Below are some of the more common questions I am asked but please get in touch if there is anything else you would like to ask.

What should I expect at my first treatment?

I will ask you to complete in advance a medical/lifestyle consultation which I will then discuss with you at your first appointment. Please allow 30 minutes extra for this as this free consultation helps us decide the best treatment plan for you. All information shared during this consultation will be kept strictly confidential.


Will I have to undress completely?

 No, you will be advised on the day exactly what needs to be removed and client modesty shall be maintained at all times by the use of towel coverage.


What is your cancellation policy?

I reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee for non-attendance or for cancellations with less than 24 hour’s notice.


How can I pay?

I accept Cash, Card, and Bank transfer

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Yes I do.


How long do I wait before I bathe/shower?

It is advised to bathe/shower before your treatment and to wait at least 4 hours before bathing or showering afterwards. This is to allow the essential oils to be fully absorbed into the skin.


Will I get oily?

 It is inevitable that there will be some residual oil left on your body after your treatment. It is therefore recommended that you wear old clothes.


I have a nut allergy, is this a problem?

Not at all, I use a variety of base oils. I generally use sunflower oil with my clients who have nut allergies.


I am receiving treatment for a medical condition by a doctor/hospital, should I tell them about my Aromatherapy Massage?

It is recommended, if you consider it appropriate, to inform all parties concerned that you are receiving aromatherapy massage treatments.


How will I feel after my treatment?

After your massage you will generally be relaxed and enjoying the benefits of your treatment.


Do you treat children?

I generally treat adults aged 16+ but am happy to look at every individual case.


Do you treat men?

I treat men by referral only.

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